Armour Shoes

Under Armour shoes are one of the leading competitors in athletic shoes on the market. Under Armour was founded in 1996 with the intent of making a superior T-shirt, and over the years has become a leading producer in all athletic equipment, including shoes for all types of athletic performance. They strive to take technology to the next level in their shoe production, not to mention all of their products. They are competitively priced, which means just about anyone can afford them, making them a well rounded and likeable product for the general athletic customer. Their shoes are quite stylish and there are many styles and colors to choose from.

Under Armour shoes – who and what are they for?

Any sport and/or activity is fair game when it comes to the effectiveness and practicality of Under Armour shoes:

Under Armour shoes – where to buy

You can find Under Armour shoes at any athletic or sporting goods store in a metropolitan area. Some of these common larger name stores are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lady Footlocker, Footlocker, Sports Athority, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and several others. If you have a shopping mall near you, you’ll probably find other sporting goods stores that sell athletic shoes, including Under Armour. You can also purchase your Under Armour shoes directly from the Under Armour website if you wish. However, this can be difficult with shoes if you aren’t sure what size you wear in Under Armour. If you can try them on at another local retailer first, from stores already mentioned, then you will know what size to buy from the website.

Under Armour shoes – designed with special specifications

Under Armour has designed many of their shoes with special enhancing designs such as Micro G foam for extra cushioning, ColdGear technology to protect the feet during cold weather, and HeatGear fabric to help control moisture to keep feet cool and dry. Other enhancing designs in the past (that still may be currently used) have included mid-volume Cartilage with Under Armour’s Directional Cushioning Engineering to cushion the foot during running; using EVA cushioning on top of certain shoes that need more strength on top (such as soccer shoes); ArmourLastic to help absorb the shock and impact of street and trail running; ArmourGuide to level out the impact across the foot; and ArmourBound to maximize the cushions response to the foot strike. Additionally, FootSleeve technology is added to many shoes to help stabilize the foot inside the shoes.

There isn’t an area they haven’t addressed in providing an enhanced shoe to offset the demands on an athlete sports performer or runner. No matter what your tastes in sports, you’ll find a shoe with the style and quality that can deliver enhancing sports capabilities.

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